Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Observations from the Window 4.28

It’s just stunning sitting in the window watching a full moon rise over the city. You don’t often see much of the night sky in this city. No stars just neon and the glow of street lights. But a full moon cant be missed, so out of place, so beautiful.

But just a day after reading away my night in the window, I find myself pondering one of the peculiar parts of my personality. It just seems to be a total contradiction in my brain. I often call myself anti social and I am. I can put on a good show when I want to but in the end I’m just as happy or happier being left alone to observe life as it rolls by. At the same time I absolutely thrive on attention.

I’m always afraid of missing something and constantly surf my sites. Who is on, who is off, when, where, what, why? I speed my Droid through Plurk and twitter just incase. I read art sites passionately. Ash says I need a sign that says ‘it sold for what!?!’

I also call myself a Luddite but I own three computers, a Droid, and am shopping for a new laptop. I have, at last count, six email addresses, two flickr accounts, a tumblr, a plurk, and a tweeter account. And obviously you know I have a blog. Sometimes my head spins out of control just to keep up with it all. And sometimes I just know too much for my own damn good, information always being a two edged sword for me. I need to know and at the same time not. I need to be the center and the periphery. I need to be everything and nothing at all. Maybe being an anti social luddite isn’t such a bad thing in the end.

I am your worst social nightmare. The black clad artsie geek vampire queen sitting in the corner booth dazed in the glow of her LCD screen.

What a bitch.

tuneage, HIM - In Joy And Sorrow