Saturday, July 3, 2010

Born on the 4th of July

Born on the 4th of July. It’s the title of a book I have never read and a movie I have never seen about a war I know little about. More to the point it is Independence Day in America, which also happens to be a totally awesome summer flick I have seen. Flags wave, bands play, and fireworks shoot into the night sky all across America. All America celebrates its freedom.

America, yes it is the land of the free and the home of the brave. Free as long as you follow certain social and sexual mores that are approved by the hate spewing wingnuts and their brethren. Brave as long as you stay so deep in the closet the dust balls look down at you.

In California you had proposition 8. Some might think this is American democracy at its best. What could be simpler than the majority rules right? Except for the little remembered fact that America isn’t a pure democracy and was never intended to be one. It is a republic. You would think the wingnuts would get the idea from the name of their own party but no they don't remember. The party of Abraham Lincoln and Glenn Beck, where did it all go wrong? Did you people learn nothing in school? Looking at a recent poll I guess not, a quarter of you not knowing what country we gained our independence from. Seriously some of you thought China?

I have never thought seriously about getting married nor do I ever see it happening. To be honest there probably isn’t a girl out there who could deal with me for any length of time. But for anybody to tell me that I have no right to marry is like a slap to the face. Am I not an American citizen just like you? Am I not a human being like you? How dare you tell me yes I have all the rights of an American citizen but than qualify it by adding except for these rights. I am not an American citizen ‘but’. I am an American citizen.

From the day I was born promises have been made and made and yet nothing changes. Nothing changes but the ones who make and break the promises. Granted President Clinton tried to repeal the military gay ban but he also, to quote Jerry Seinfeld, folded faster than Superman on laundry day. Almost twenty years later we have more promises and just as little action. Just more words to keep track of. More promises to forget.

How can anybody in this nation believe they are truly free if not all are equal?

“You have rights antecedent to all earthly governments: rights that cannot be repealed or restrained by human laws; rights derived from the Great Legislator of the universe.” Words spoken by John Adams well over two hundred years ago, it was true than and it’s true today. Maybe one day this nation of ours will live up to its potential and dreams for all of its so called citizens.

I have no plans on holding my breath.


  1. I truly hope that this will change soon. I *do* have hope. I can't imagine what the GLTB community has been through in the last 30 years... but I do see some changes.

    I see changes in the way my own kids view varied sexual a matter of fact, and not a thing of horror or something to be shunned because of. Maybe it will take *that* generation to truly bring about a deep and real change.

    I hope that you don't give up hope.

  2. I have seen so much change in these 4+ decades walking this land of the free and the brave. I learned to appreciate it even more living in a third world country where freedom is not being tossed in jail for thinking the wrong thought or knowing the wrong person or being so poor that your life is worth nothing.

    This country/society is in major flux right now. Changes are happening on both sides of the fence. We take 2 steps forward only to run back to the next block out of fear. Freedom and Equality have become (prisoners) relative too your political, Socioeconomic and religious status.

    I still believe in freedom and equality and will continue too fight for it. But I fear there is not enough to go around. People don't like to share. Fear rules their lives and their actions. Our own government is guilty of creating and feeding that fear. It is how they maintain control. Gawd I sound miserably cynical... But I will continue to hope.

  3. thanks you two !!

    i dont even know how to answer either one of you right now. ill just leave it with the word both of you ended with ....

    hope :)

  4. The bigots behind Proposition 8 are so blinded by hate they fail to realize the ultimate implication of their ballot measure - that human rights are not rights at all, but merely privileges that can be taken away at any moment on the whim of the majority.

    You see, if something is a "right" it is innate, "endowed by our creator" in the words of the Declaration of Independence. It cannot be lost, given away or voted away by anyone. The only way to lose your rights in a free society is to commit a felony.

    These cretins however are trying to take our innate rights and turn them into temporary privileges that can be given or taken away based on the mores of the moment. They, in the bigotry, diminish the value of all human rights by insisting that our rights are not granted us by our very existence, but by our community - a community made dysfunctional by hated, ignorance, superstition and bigoty.

  5. oh so well said all of you :)

    you know when i wrote this i didn't plan on it coming out so negative. but i have this arrogant side that just gets pissed off and has to vent now and than.

    its so damn insane that you should have to fight for rights you were born with. they aren't rights that are legislated, they are a fact. some people cant get over the thought that lgbt peeps are just a little diff from them. but still human, still able to love and be loved. wanting the same things out of life but not wanting to beg for it. not wanting courts to decide if we are the same as everybody else. I'm not the same and i don't want to be the same but i want the same rights as anybody else has.

    but there is so much positive going on. that's why i wish it hadn't sounded so negative.

    there is hope