Monday, July 25, 2011

Observations from the Shore 7.25

I live for this place. More than any other spot I seem to find peace here, even more than my mountains. The scene of my greatest failure may be a short drive to the south but it doesn't matter at all as if it was a different life entirely. This spot is my Jersey shore and not the snookified version of your nightmares. If I had to stay at one place and never leave for the rest of my life this would be it. No mountains, no Paris, no Village, just this house on this beach in this town, and Fred's. Nothing compares to sitting on the deck in the morning as the sun slowly rises and listening to the waves crash on the beach. Nothing else matters as I sip my coffee and just listen.

I left New York early yesterday to drive home and pick up the house key than drove down to the shore last night. It's a drive a have taken so many times yet I enjoy every minute of it. That is a little silly considering it's almost all highway and goes through the heart of Philly but it's a drive with so many memories. The drive through Philly, past the stadiums, and over the Walt Whitman Bridge leads to a speed run down the ACE that cuts through the Jersey Pinelands. With the top down I flash past bus loads of gamblers heading to the Atlantic City casinos and their fortune or their pittance. Than after a short drive south I do as I always do and jump off the Parkway so I can drive through the towns of Seven Mile Beach. Sea Isle City, Townsends Inlet, Avalon, cruising south with the top down on a warm muggy star filled night. Finally the requisite stop at Fred's to pick the alcohol and I'm back. The deck, the beach, the salt filled breeze off the ocean, and the waves crashing till the end of time.

Every time I get back it feels like I never left.

Now if I sound all serious I don't mean to at all. When I come here I leave most of my seriousness behind and short of some earth shattering cataclysm that is how it is going to be for the rest of the week. The world will just have to go on with out me. This is how I change by life, by doing absolutely nothing at all.

A friend shared this tune with me and it's just so awesome I had to share too. With a title like that how could it not be awesome?

Crash Test Dummies - When I Go Out With Artists