Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Observations from the Roof 4.6

With the coming of spring I have added a whole new vantage point to my view of the city around me. If the window seat is like a cocoon looking out onto the city the roof feels like the city giving me a big hug. Fill the cooler with beer, grab the limes, and climb the final two flights of stairs to the roof and a new world waits. A world centered on friends, broken down deck chairs and beer can ashtrays.

Looking out over the rooftops on a clear warm night the city seems to pulse with energy. Car horns replace crickets, neon lights replace lightning bugs, and a sheet of worn indoor outdoor carpet replaces grass in this world. Ok it’s not summer yet and I’m getting ahead of myself, but still i can feel it tonight.

It’s a funny feeling sitting up there sipping beer and talking. I first sat up here last summer on vacation and it was an instant hit with me. Than again beer is always a hit with me but I digress. Of all the things I have done since I moved here, exploring and such, up here I feel more apart of the larger city than at any other time. It’s loud and quiet, bright and dark, scary and tame, all these things at the same time.

It helps to share it with your best fiend too. Sometimes sitting around talking, talking about nothing and everything, seems to part the clouds in front of your eyes and you just have to smile.

Sports update – Phillies beat the Nationals to start the new season. Look out World Series, here we come again. F&%# the Yankees !!

tuneage, Norah Jones - Young Blood