Sunday, August 21, 2011

Observations from the Window 8.21

Tomorrow, Monday, is the first day of classes at Penn State. The first day of classes for my sis. The first day of classes for the third and final member of our evil sibling triumvirate to attend State. For sure it wasn't her first choice but karma being karma there she is and I wish her the best.

I'm so excited for her but I'm also a little bit sad. Seems my little sis is all grown up which is a slight fact didn't really sink in until now. Our conversations slowly changed over the summer as she became less my mini-me and more my equal in so many ways. I'm going to miss my mini-me but I also welcome the company of the fine young woman that is my sister.

And so a vid in honor of my sis, my school, and the soon to begin 125th season of Penn State Nittany Lion football. For the record JoePa will be 85 in December and has been Penn State's head football coach since 1966, he still rocks.

Late update - In all the thoughts of my sis' start at Penn State I forgot another important bit of information. This was the first time in five years that classes started and my brother wasn't there. God what a torn day.


*geek speak - I dabbled with getting rid of the YouTube control bar for aesthetic reasons and it does look much better. Prob is you can't turn off the vid than.