Thursday, January 3, 2013

Observations from the Window 1.3.1

The first new post of year four is going to be something a little different for me. I'm going to respond to a few suggestions, comments, and reminders from the past few days.

A friend of mine reminded me that if this is the start of the fourth year of this blog it's also the start of my fourth year in the Village. I hadn't even thought of that but it's very true. It's also a little hard to admit but I think I feel more at home here now than I do in the mountains and that is something I didn't think I would ever say. I still think of my dad's as home though, that is until I plant myself in that apartment in Paris.

Lately I've been told that sometimes I'm a bit too harsh in my comments, something that I think was intended as much for me personally as for my writing. To be honest for the most part I've always been that way but as I got older I also realized that anything else was totally a waste of your time and mine. I don't see my ever changing that opinion.

Someone recently mentioned that I don't write about personal things very often. My answer to that was that if there was a story to be had it was in here somewhere. There isn't much of a personal nature I haven't written about that I intend to write about, it's all in here somewhere but it might take some digging to find it. Something you are not going to find in here are bad personal relationship stories because, as Ash says, you aren't ready for them, can't handle them, just don't want to know. Also I don't plan on ever writing about my relationship with Anne Hathaway.

Finally earlier today I had a suggestion from somebody who has been reading this since I started. He left a very kind comment but than suggested I "skip the effing sports section." I would seriously consider this but I'm not quite sure what if anything Swedes know about sports so I'll just have to shrug it off as a well meaning but totally off suggestion.

Sarcasm, than again maybe it isn't.

Observations from the Window 1.3

From the archive. The first post in this blog, tune included, from three years ago today. I didn't say quite as much when I started so I could probably write more introducing it than I wrote at the time but I'll try hard not to which means I better stop now ....

Here I Am
Why am I doing this? Honestly I have no clue.

In the past weeks I left a place and a job I love dearly. Penn State University (btw Capital One Bowl final. PSU 19 - LSU 17). A good friend of mine moved to the west coast. And the day after new years I moved in with another good friend in the Village. Soon Ill be starting a job in a gallery there.

Years ago I kept a journal. It always seemed to help me clear my head in the 'dark days'. Recently I had a conversation with a doctor friend who thought it might be a good idea to do it again. To help me adjust to all the recent changes in my life.

Well here I am. Time will tell .....