Thursday, October 28, 2010

Observations from the Window 10.28

Today was as beautiful a day as yesterday was dreary. What pass for trees in our neighborhood have changed to almost a persimmon color, the breeze was warm, and the humidity gone. It was just a stunning fall day in the Village. I woke up in one of those grand moods where you realize the stars are all lined up for you and nothing can go wrong. Other than a hurried mishap with a mug of coffee the day went rather well.

I had done a photo for a friend of a friend who wanted it for her Halloween party and I sent her the finished pic first thing. I was a little worried but she was thrilled with it. I would love to post a link to it here but I promised I wouldn’t use it until after the party. I have no idea what she is using it for but she wants it to be a surprise.

Also I spent most of the morning with a good friend. We try to get together from time to time and spend a morning talking over whatever seems to be on our minds. The girl never fails to bring a smile to my face and today was no exception. As I’m writing this at the end of the day the thought of my morning with her is still making me smile.

After lunch I was utterly amazed to find out I will get to see my sis play another hockey game. With their next game scheduled for Saturday morning at the moment I am planning a road trip south. Than maybe I'll spend the night at my dad's so we can discuss over beers the abysmal end to the Phillies season and the at times futile nature of being a Philadelphia sports fan.

Finally, with Halloween just days away, today I learned something I just really didn't need to know. It seems Washington Square Park is supposedly haunted. Just blocks away from our apartment the park is one of my fav places to walk, take random peep photos, and yes check out the NYU coeds. It can be quite eerie after dark but I always thought that was just me and the knowledge that the park was once a huge hangout for addicts. Now I find out that the park was once used as a public hanging ground. People were hung on a Sunday morning and their bodies allowed to hang in the trees until the afternoon when they were buried. I swear I'll never look at those trees the same again. Also before it was made a park in 1826 it was used as a burial ground and before that a Native American burial ground. Now it is estimated 15,000 bodies lay buried under the arch and surrounding grounds. I have to remember to stay away from the park under a full moon.

trick or treat ....

Slash ft. Fergie - Beautiful Dangerous