Sunday, January 31, 2010

Observations from the Window

With the warm sun streaming in i could just curl up and spend the afternoon here. Maybe i will.

Sunday afternoon seems to be the deadest time on the street below. That just seems off to me. may Villagers are religious after all. On Sunday we shall rest. Or maybe its just we got no sleep for three days and cant move.

I'm reading the paper and find that I am getting a new neighbor. Anderson Cooper bought an old firehouse just a few blocks away.

Now I'm not, and never have been, attracted to guys. But if i was, and made a list, i think Anderson would be at the top of it. I think I'll be walking around that block from time to time.

Maybe I need a dog I can walk.

I think the guy across the street is checking me out. I wonder if i should wave or flash him ??

"Buy the ticket, take the ride" Hunter S. Thompson


from the window, Queers

We were working in the gallery yesterday when a woman walked in, mid 50s and dressed to black perfection, but seemingly upset about something. In the end it turned out she had overheard a staight couple talking on the street. Something to the effect of ‘I have never seen so many queers before in my life’. This totally upset her and I just had no idea why or what to say. Maybe it was the age difference but I think I would have looked at them and said ‘nice isn’t it’.

To me it’s just a word. My brother will be the first to tell you I ‘am’ queer and always have been. Than again maybe he has something else in mind. Some gays will say it’s inappropriate for any straight person to use the word queer. For them I leave this vid.

Lewis Black

This just seems to be one of those times I’m writing to make myself think. Just trying to understand how that woman felt. I guess I’m just too proud or arrogant to let a word bother me now. Maybe in high school I felt different but today call me what ever you want. The worst thing you can possibly think of. It will just bring that evil little knowing smile to my face. I’ll have to think about all this another day.

For now I’m just a woman who loves women. That works for me.


In a related note, a new activist group, Queer Rising, announced its existence on Martin Luther King Day. Now that is gay.