Saturday, February 20, 2010

Observations from the Window

The ‘Vampire Queens’ ….. now there is a nickname. It’s the name a friend of mine gave my roommate and her girlfriend. But what else can you call two girls who seemingly don’t sleep at night? Work at noon, dinner at 7, bar by 9, clubs, dancing, than god only knows what else, and breakfast at 7AM. Sleep three hours and start again. I honestly don’t know if I admire, envy, or just plain hate the two of them.

I can’t stand having something going on behind me. I mean normally I wont sit at a bar because it drives me insane having the crowd behind me. I need to sit in a corner table or booth so I can take it all in. I love roller coasters but if it is one that goes backwards just forget it. I freak.

Been watching curling during the Winter Olympics. I struggle to figure it out. Until it’s over I know what the hell they are doing. Four years later I have no clue! Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, page 88, Hannah Teeter, nough said. God I need to go skiing, skating, something.

Almost two months in the Village and I figure I need a new phone, a netbook, a new laptop, and a few other things. But I think I have to start with the phone. Donations accepted ;-)

Damnit I still miss my car ‘foxy’. Sometimes I get in a mood and I just feel trapped. Whenever that used to happen I would just jump in the car and drive. Drive into the mountains. Just get lost. Drive for hours with the top down. I like to drive and I miss it.

Maybe I should get a taxi license.