Thursday, April 29, 2010

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It changes so fast. One minute chatting to a friend the next pounding on the door to get in. You have something you need to say, something you need to do. But the door is closed tight.

Would the gods let you know?

Would they give you a sign?

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Fall asleep in the window, the moon burning bright. Wake up the moon is gone and the streets are dark. It’s light passing as always over you to shine on some new place.

Would the gods tell you to run away or stay?

Would they tell you it would be alright?

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Sitting alone, gazing into the now dark empty street below. You wonder what happened and why. Looking for a sign but everything outside is so dark and quiet.

Would you know or would the gods have to tell you?

Would they explain why?

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Everything seems to crumble around you as you sit staring. Everything you knew, everything you had, everything you wanted fading away into the night as you sit staring blankly, unable to stop it.

Would you know when it was time?

Would you?

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