Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Observations from the Road 5.28

Inspired by an uncle I was talking to this weekend and my brother's reaction to that same uncle. I could have made it longer but you'll get the point.

Some Republicans, wingnuts, and assorted nutjobs believe many things. They believe President Obama is a Muslim born in Kenya and that the current minor scandals are worse than Watergate. They have never seen a gun they didn't like or think would be perfect for self-defense or pigeon hunting. The problem is you can't get ammo for all those guns because the government seems to be hoarding all the ammo to keep law abiding citizens from getting any. In fact some think the Newtown massacre was orchestrated by the federal government to spur gun control and bring on the confiscation of guns.

They believe in death squads, hidden weapons of mass destruction, and that Al Qaeda is stronger than ever. They believe the 4 American dead in Benghazi are worth more hearings than 7,000 American dead in Iraq and Afghanistan.

As Wall Street reaches record levels they know that President Obama is at fault for the collapse of the economy. They never saw a tax cut or rich man they didn't like or a poor man that they did. They look at a collapsed bridge and say infrastructure is something we can no longer afford even as they call this the greatest nation on Earth. They think corporations are the equivalent of you and I but shouldn't have to pay the equivalent taxes. They think austerity is the best answer to everything even though the evidence would say the opposite.

Than they look at record hurricanes, heatwaves, blizzards, wildfires, floods, and tornadoes and they DON'T believe in climate change. It's just too 'out there' for them because it happens to be cold outside.