Monday, February 22, 2010

Observations from the Window, the Olympics

An Olympic hockey update for my Swedish reader, USA women 9 Sweden 1. In the men's tournament USA and Sweden are both undefeated, both now have byes, and cant play till the medal round starts.

I’m captivated this week by two Olympic sports in particular. Two sports as different as sports can get. Yes I’m talking ice hockey and curling. Curling I mentioned before and hockey has always been a love. I played field hockey for years and sometimes played ice hockey with my brother and his friends.

I was glued to the TV last night as the US men’s hockey team defeated Canada 5-3. Its estimated half of all Canadians watched the game. The youngest team in US Olympic history defeated the Canadian ‘all-star’ team. It was the first time The US beat Canada in the Olympics since the 1960 games. The Canadian team features 9 NHL team captains. The US now has a bye as the Canadians must win Tuesday just to make the medal round. Earlier in the day the American women’s team also defeated Canada 5-3. Tonight it seems that game was a preview of the gold medal game.

Now to curling. We suck, it’s that simple. But after some serious contemplation I think I know how to help at least the women’s team. First off they need to recruit some Danish players. Seriously have you seen the Danish Jensen sisters? Anyway they might still lose but it would be a lot easier to take. More importantly we need to cheat. In the end I think it’s our only chance. Olympic ideals be damned.

In other highlights we have the Madison Avenue team’s Apolo Ohno and the Disney Channel’s Shaun White. Sorry I’m a smartass and both of them were awesome. But I’m tired of all the commercials and, more than that, I’m tired of their commercials.

Than you have skeleton and luge. Whoever goes down that ice track on a sled is certifiable. They have to be. I totally forgot what skeleton was till I saw it one day in highlights. Effing head first on a sled going 80 mph? You have to be kidding me!

All men figure skaters are not gay. I have gotten this from a reliable source but I still have my doubts. Disclaimer, I *am* gay.

It’s all been fun but it has just made me realize I haven’t skied in a year or played ice hockey since I moved.

Life is full of trade-offs I suppose.

Two words in closing. Hannah Teter.



  1. -5f and snowing, i *hate* winter.
    The swedish female hockey team. i dont know what to say about them, last time they did a really awesome tournament. Their goalie was only 15 years old then. I do not know what has happened with them. But nothing good i can say. Mind you these are not professional players, they have normal dayjobs/school etc and do this for fun.

    The male team on the other hand, they seem strong and i think they will win the whole thing. Canada seems sucky this year, dont know why, maby they have too much weight on their shoulders as they host the damn game.

    we'll see what happens, i still think we will win :-) ill buy you a beer if we do :-)

  2. oh, forgot one thing about the female hockey team. the swedish national series for the females is in a very bad shape. There is only one club that actually puts money into the female team and do it good. That club is called "Modo" the male version of that team has spawned players like Forsberg and the Sedin brothers. The other clubs give a shit about the female players, really, it sucks.

  3. Wait, you are going to buy me a beer when you win ?? Means im not going to be getting a beer am I ;-)

    Yeah Forsberg played in Philly for a couple years before he retired. But that sucks. I think the American womens team is as good or better, at its level, than the mens. Most of them are college players.

  4. And as for Canada, well, I think their prob is they thought they had it won before they even put on skates. Thats the impression I got listening to an interview with Gretzky.

  5. hmm, i guess sweden fucked up, they are out. lost against the slovaks..

  6. actually im sorry kalle. i was hoping we would get to play them ;-(

  7. well, in their head they had already won and was focusing on the game against canada. they did that before once too, and also lost. one cannot take any game for granted. but these guys dont know that.
    it sucks, would have loved to beat the usa :-D

  8. hmm, apparently we are good in curling, the guys are playing for the bronze against switzerland and the girls are playing for the gold medal against the candians... i dont understand that game either...