Monday, April 4, 2011

Observations from the Road 4.4

Saturday was the first day of trout season in southeastern Pennsylvania. It seemed early but that is because starting this year it opens two weeks earlier in the southeastern part of the state than it does in the rest, something to do with warmer temperatures. As I cast my first line I thought that was a lot of bs because the air temp was a balmy 42° when I arrived at the stream. It didn’t seem to bother my dad at all because he was standing in the middle of the water which might explain why he caught dinner and I didn't.

It was just another one of those fun family things with my dad that once prompted a not so open minded friend of his to ask if my dad had ever had any daughters. He learned a long time ago not to let comments like that bother him and instead seems roll with it. I don’t know why but my dad just doesn't have that smart ass gene that his three children seem to have inherited.

As I wasn't about to touch my camera with bait stained fingers I'll try and describe the scene. In ways the four of us are so alike, and very close, but at moments like this the differences in personalities are so damn apparent. You have my dad who is knee deep in the stream and so totally serious about his fly fishing. He never has let on but I swear he must have taken that fly fishing class at Penn State. My sis seems to be the best at multi-tasking, that girl can cast with one hand, text with the other, and I let her know I’m suitably impressed. I think I'd have my line wrapped around my neck and my phone in the water. Now that I think about it my brother isn’t too bad at multi-tasking either. He seems able to listen to music with one ear and listen to the rest of us with the other. At the same time he did refuse to get his new Timberland boots wet and so fished from the bank. Not quite as serious about it as my dad but if any of us could ever be described as stoic it's him.

And than there is me. No I don't fish in a leather jacket, actually the only black I had on was an old Flyers warm-up pullover and the Under Armour hoody under it. I didn’t fish much, always the observer I just sat on a rock taking it all in and enjoying the moment. Maybe I'm wrong about Sean, maybe I'm the stoic one. I didn’t catch anything, my excuse being that I didn't try, but I did make a dinner of Cajun trout. Sear trout covered with Emeril's Cajun seasoning in an iron skillet than throw in the oven with green peppers, jalapeños, onions, diced tomatoes, and bacon. Yes that is pretty much how I cook so I don't expect miracles but it wasn't bad, wasn't bad at all.

I have an awesome recipe for salmon too. Just sayin.

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