Friday, July 2, 2010

Observations from the Roof 7.2

Let me start by saying all fireworks are highly illegal in the five boroughs of New York. Yeah right! Somebody queue Francis Scott Key and tell that to all those peeps in Brooklyn cause I’m sitting in the rocket’s red glare here. I might be embellishing that a bit but these people are seriously rocking the sky.

Moods are a capricious thing. One day it’s all dark skies and Armageddon and the next it’s sitting on the beach under a full moon in a way to big sweatshirt. Today I woke up in a mood I best described to a friend as a ‘good arrogant summer bitch' mood and it still fits. How do I explain this mood? Well it’s a good mood and it is summer so that explains part of it. It’s the kind of mood where I do what I want and I really don’t give a damn what anybody thinks about it. I just give my inner weirdness full bloom and damn you if you don’t like it because I just don’t care. It's a fuckin Linkin Park mood and it’s a fun mood to be in but it never lasts long enough.

And why do people think New Yorkers are so full of themselves? Just because we live in the center of the universe and a select few of us live in the epicenter that is the Village. So we have the best in art and culture. We do know it doesn’t make us any diff or better than the rest of the world. It just is what it is. I would take a survey here but I’m surrounded by New Yorkers at the moment so I think the results would be a bit warped. I do know one thing that ‘native’ New Yorkers are full of. It’s their damn sports teams. There isn’t a team in this city I didn’t grow up hating and I don’t see myself changing now. They just don’t realize that the sports center of the universe lies a hundred miles south of here in Philly. I keep trying to explain this to them but they just don’t get it. Something about winning the World Series last year keeps getting in the way.

Finally from Plurk comes the word of the day, synthetic asshat. I have no idea what it might be but I so like it!

Linkin Park - Faint