Thursday, July 28, 2011

Observations 7.28

After too little sleep last night and a long walk this morning it turned into a total veg of an afternoon that was highlighted by a long nap on the deck. I was going to try and write a little about Stone Harbor every day but it doesn't seem to be happening the way I planned. I just wanted to share this tune by Crash Test Dummies. It's a tune I only heard recently when a good friend posted it with one of her pics. I just thought it was so totally awesome and fit perfectly.

"When I Go Out With Artists"

"When I go out with artists
They talk about language and the cubists and the dadaists
And I try to catch their meanings
And keep up with all the martinis
I don't know which should be my favorite paintings

If I could see, if I could see, if I could
See all the symbols, unlock what they mean
Maybe I could, maybe I could, maybe I
Could meet the artists, and get to know them personally

If I were David Byrne
I'd go to galleries and not be too concerned
Well I would have a cup of coffee
And I'd find my surroundings quite amusing and
People would ask me which were my favorite paintings

What if the artists ran the TV?
All the ads would be for fine scotch whiskey:
Glenfiddich, Glenlivet, the whole single malt family

The artists of the future
Will make up new things and different nomenclatures
And they'll stand amongst their pictures
And they'll sing and laugh and quote from scriptures and
When they go home they'll dream of brilliant paintings."

Crash Test Dummies - When I Go Out With Artists