Thursday, March 24, 2011

Observations on Hate

A couple days ago I was skimming through articles and blog posts about the than upcoming (it happened 3/23) US vote in support of a United Nations Human Rights Council motion that condemned violence against persons for their sexual orientation or gender identity. A total turn around from the Bush years when the US wouldn't support it on 'technical' grounds. The motion was co-signed by 85 nations.

It's one of those moments when you start to think things are going so well for the LBGT community and have been for some time. Maybe, just maybe, people's opinions are finally starting to change for the better. Than I stumbled on something that all but threw me into one of my more radical tirades

I clicked on a link to a blog post that was just a YouTube video of President Obama discussing Dr. Martin Luther King's legacy. Below is a series of outbursts I found in the comments to that post. The person who posted the video did try to answer but it is totally hopeless to try with somebody that thinks this way. I'll gladly provide a link if anybody wants it but it isn't really important. I am only posting it to remind you, as it reminded me, that it just doesn't matter to some people. If you have the wrong skin color, love the wrong person, worship the wrong god, or eat the wrong flavor jelly bean they are going to hate you. They just want to hate and nothing you do is going to change that simple fact.

I think that was relatively mild for me, I'll really try and do better next time.

- Gays have Civil Rights. What these sick bitches want is special privileges due to their sickly behavior which is nothing more than sexual deviancy which is immoral within any case.

- Gays are abominations. Do you think God will treat all people equally on the Day of Judgment? Some will not make it. The perverts such as gays will not make it. The sodomites will be turned away and will be in Hell where they belong for perverting and corrupting his creations. But then again, it was the work of Satan. Homosexual lifestyle overwhelmingly increases HIV and AIDS rate, it is sick, and it confuses as well as destroys civil society.

- Gays do indeed choose their lifestyles. Like we make choices every single day. Gays as well as lesbians choose to engage in nasty, filthy, homosexual activities which are wrong. Then these sicko groups wish to change definitions of legal marriage. It will not happen. Good, decent, rational thinking Christian people will not allow it so. To allow it would mean the downfall of American society, death to morality and to Christianity itself. God will truly allow America to die.

- The Bible is the word of God. He is the master. Morally, the Bible is the BACKBONE of all Western societies. Gays are an abomination just as lesbians are. Gays, that lifestyle, period, is wrong. Call me a bigot, well might as well call creator of the universe one as well.

And so it goes.