Saturday, July 9, 2011

Observations from the Window 7.9

I had been saying how I thought I needed to re-charge somehow and last weekend seems to have helped some but may have had one unintended consequence. I have always been a morning person, I should say a dawn person. I love the sunrise so much more than sunset, the light and color being totally different as the sun pushes into the sky. If you ever look at my flickr you will find that most of the few color photos in it were taken at the shore at dawn. I just love the solitary feeling of sunrise and I always found it to be my artistic time of day. Maybe not literally but mentally in that I think better, clearer, and come up with better ideas.

Since I moved to the Village I've gotten away from the dawn more and more. Maybe it's the influence of the VQs or maybe just it's being so much busier than I once was but most days I find myself staying up later and sleeping later than I had before. That changed a little this past week when I found myself awake, totally awake, at 4AM and loved every minute of it. One day I even had coffee on the roof as the sun came up. I'm not sure if it's a temporary change or I'm reverting to a previous life, as always time will tell.

As much as I can be a tech-geek I love books, real paper books and magazines. I like to hold them in my hands and feel the paper while I read. I like big glossy photo magazines printed on coated paper. That being said I want a Kindle and I want it bad, well I want the Kindle to play with but I want the app for my netbook. I think I need to do some Amazon shopping. One book I want to check out is Power: Portraits of World Leaders by Platon (Photographer) with the text by New Yorker editor David Remnick. It is the portraits of 150 world leaders shot over a year at the United Nations. Platon is staff photographer for the New Yorker, and recipient of the World Press Photo Award and National Magazine Photo Portfolio Award.

A couple days ago a new shaved ice stand opened just a couple blocks from the gallery. It gets all its fruit from the Greenmarket at Union Square and it's so damn good but I can't figure out why anybody pays $3 for frozen flavored water when the dude at the corner is still selling it for a buck. Maybe buying it from temporary wooden stand makes it better than buying from a vendor with a cart. I'm thinking I might have to open an alcoholic shaved ice stand. I'll just use flavored vodka instead of juice.

And so it goes.