Sunday, April 15, 2012

Go Flyers !!!!

Last year I gave you the gorgeous Lauren Hart. This year I give you .... I'm so sorry.


Some background. The whole thing with Hulk Hogan began when a Hulkster look alike Penguins fan was dancing around Scott Hartnell behind the Flyers’ bench during a game a couple weeks ago. Hartnell gave Corbin the “I can’t hear you” salute. A photo of Hartnell mocking said fan was than featured on the back page of the April 2nd edition of the Philadelphia Daily News. The Flyers saved this video till today's game was almost over than played it to, yes, thunderous applause.

The Flyers are up three games to none in their best of seven series with the Penguins.

4/17 update - The Flyers-Penguins game on Sunday afternoon pulled a 2.3 overnight rating, making it the most watched non-Stanley Cup finals playoff game in more than a decade.