Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Help Japan ....

 A print by Rob Dobi.
All profits from poster to benefit disaster recovery in Japan.

“Every good act is charity. A man's true wealth hereafter is the good that he does in this world to his fellows.”

As you must know, a massive earthquake and tsunami hit Japan leaving behind a trail of destruction, devastation, and death. They could really use our help right now. An easy way to give to Japan is by donating to the Red Cross. You can either go to the Red Cross website, the Red Cross Japan fundraising page on Facebook, or simply text ‘Red Cross” to 90999. If you decide to text $10 will be automatically charged to your phone bill as a donation. Global Giving is another donation option and you can even give through the iTunes store.

New York City residents can donate through The Mayor's Fund to Advance New York City by dialling 311 or visiting the 311 website.

Even if you cannot donate financially you might keep Japan in your thoughts. While you are thinking you might add Bahrain and Libya, sad times ....


22:15 update - "It is heartbreaking to see a renegade country like Libya shoot pro-democracy protesters. But it’s even more wrenching to watch America’s ally, Bahrain, pull a Qaddafi and use American tanks, guns and tear gas as well as foreign mercenaries to crush a pro-democracy movement — as we stay mostly silent." Nicholas Kristof in the New York Times.

Observations from the Window 3.16, Spring

With the clocks changed and less than a week till the first day of spring I seem to be getting that feeling that this winter from hell will in fact end this year. This will be my second spring in the Village and I think I might do better this time around, I’m hoping I do anyway. I know last year it was as much a sad time as happy one because I missed my spring in the mountains but those mountains are farther in the past now, another time. I’m not so sure I believe that but it helps some to say it. So now that I did a good job of reminding myself of the mountains let me see what spring brings.

Tax day. Tax day is enough to make me want to drink and it's a good thing because St. Patties Day is Thursday. Green beer, green Corona with lime, green Mexican beer on an Irish Catholic Saint's day, that just makes my head spin. So maybe we should skip to Easter. If I see a pink bunny walking down Bleeker Street I know I have had too much to drink. This paragraph is just sad but its how my mind seems to work sometimes.

Sorry, I was off on a drinking tangent there, let me get back to thoughts of spring. The little buds I see on the trees below me along the street. Those first flowers blooming in the sunshine, a little known secret being that I love flowers, fresh cut flowers. Flowers, candles, a bottle of wine, and a nice warm bath do the trick every time. Grilling hamburgers on the roof, watching the sunset, and drinking cold beer as the last light falls into the river is another one that works. Oh it's just hopeless; all my thoughts of spring seem to lead to alcohol.

Yet with spring two things non-alcoholic are certain. It's time to take Foxy out on the road again this weekend. Time to drive down to my Dad's and get the soft top back on her. And it's time for my seasonal change in musical tastes. Time to lay off the Lady Gaga, nice ass or not, and turn up the Foo Fighters.

Happy spring people ....

Foo Fighters - Rope

Let The Madness Begin

Penn State vs. Temple, tip-off 2:10PM Thursday, Tuscon Arizona ....