Saturday, June 9, 2012

Observations from the Roof 6.9

The VQs, Ash and Chloe, have turned up here and on my Flickr a lot over the years. It might be because they seem to be very photogenic. It might also be because they are the VQs in the first place, something I call them because they don't ever seem to sleep. Vampire Queens, VQs for short. There may be other pretenders but there are only two VQs.

Honstly the reason they show all the time is because they are two of the best friends I have ever had. They have been together longer than I remember and I would like nothing better than to take my first ever wedding shots at theirs but I didn't say that. Wait, I said it, wrote it, and posted it. Don't tell them I said it. I'm seriously screwed and not in a good way.

Good things are happening to both my girls this summer. Chloe has a four month summer job doing some stage work for The Huntington Theatre Company in Boston. Hopefully that will be just the thing she needs on her resume to get more serious offers in the city.
The Wisp tries harder than anubody I know and deserves everything she gets and more.

As for Ash, her little art business is doing so well that for the first time she broached the subject of leaving the gallery. Not that I take her totally serious yet, more like throwing the possibility out there. If she were to leave I probably would have to give serious thought to doing so too, it just wouldn't be the same without her.
As always time will tell.

I think Ash will be spending a great deal of time this summer riding the rails between New York and Boston. I may have to join her once or twice. Purely for business purposes of course, the art biz goes mobile.

This summer of change I have been predicting for some time is getting
a lot more personal than I ever dreamed.

les Casseroles

Leave it to the Canadians ....

Un frisson de solidarité from Jonathan Seaborn on Vimeo.

Manifestation populaire dans les rues de Limoilou, Québec, contre les décisions du gouvernement libéral.