Friday, April 8, 2011

Observations on Politics and the Coming Shutdown

Some random thoughts on the government shutdown from my increasingly disillusioned mind as we approach 'zero hour' tonight at midnight ….

The fact that the Republicans and their teabagger members will shut down the federal government over the funding of Planned Parenthood strikes me as insanity or political theatre at its absolute worst. They keep saying it doesn't have to be debated today yet they don't offer to take the rider out of the budget bill.

I still miss Keith Olbermann but I'm finding that Lawrence O'Donnell is a worthy replacement. In some ways I like him more than Keith, he seems to be more in your face than Keith and less obsessed with Fox News. Still Olbermann's show on Current TV is slated to start in late May or June and I'll be watching from day one.

It has just amazes me to see so many young, healthy, rich white men debate women's health. All they seem to be proving is how little they know about it and how much less they care. They should know that Planned Parenthood can't spend any federal money it receives on abortion but it doesn’t seem to matter at all. So what does it spend the money on or what is it they want to cut? Teen pregnancy services, diabetes testing, breast cancer screening, and pap smears to name a few. I guess they think the oil companies deserve our money more.

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor reminds me of the spoiled little rich kid on the playground. The bratty kid who was so full of himself because his parents would do or get anything for him and always had that I’m better than you smile on his face. The little shit that would run home and tell daddy when the weird girl yelled at him because nobody else would. Anyway, Cantor reminds me of that little shit, I mean kid.

Finally a question, who do you think would make a better President, Donald or Daffy Duck?

18:00 update - Going to share a bad joke I just received in an email. I'm not sure if I am saying it's bad because it isn't funny or because it's all too true. "What does the Republican party have in common with the Taliban? Both want to use terrorism to take away women's rights and return us to the world as it was like 1000 years ago. Difference? Republicans don't demand a burka.

Observations from the Window 4.8

A beautiful morning in the Village, sunny and not quite as cold as it has been, but I’m still waiting on the arrival of spring. The trees below are covered with buds, my vendor is back to selling all his tourist paraphernalia, even the pigeons are primped and ready but the weekend weather forecast dropped that magic 70° mark. Still it’s a gorgeous sunny morning as I watch the people rush up and down the street. Gorgeous enough to declare it a work from home day, which means I will accomplish nought but so be it.

I feel like going for a walk but yet I don’t want to move. I feel like eating but I’m afraid to look in the fridge to see what might or might not be in it. Work from home normally means answering email, washing the black stuff, doing some cleaning, and maybe running up to market for food but for now I just feel like sitting here and watching the people pass by.

I was just thinking about writing, how much I seem to be addicted to it. I remember when I finished writing my 700 page ‘paper’ to finish my degree; I swore I would never write that much ever again. But here I am typing away about nothing in particular and doing it without even thinking about it. I just sit with my netbook on my lap and type away just to see what I come up with. It really doesn’t seem like it’s going to be anything profound today.

I do know one thing about all this typing, it’s just hell on my nails. There was a time not so long ago when I was just so proud of them. Long, black, and glimmering; the word immaculate comes to mind. Even sports didn’t seem to hurt them because that’s what gloves are for and I had quite a collection of hockey gloves. All black and all leather. But now my nails look like crap and I think I need to start spending more time on them or maybe just start chewing.

I warned you this wasn’t going to be anything profound. Maybe I should declare it a work from bed day instead.

3 Doors Down - When You're Young