Monday, March 19, 2012

Observations from the Coffee Shop 3.19

My notes, along with my mind, are such a clutter right now that I find myself trying to remember what I did last week and failing. I thought I would dump some thoughts here in a sort of spring mind cleaning post. Perfect time as I'm sitting outside, it feels like a summer day, and I can see tulips blooming. First a few belated messages starting with Happy St. Patrick's Day. Than a happy six month anniversary to Occupy, though I would't use the word happy to describe one having one's head smashed and being thrown in jail, which is what happened Saturday night.

In no particular order some non-art related memories from art week. The Crosby Street Bar is a spot I have to remember, huge bar, gorgeous garden, and a patio to die for when it's finally summer. A proverbial oasis in the city. My first ever taste of absinthe at the same bar, quite possibly my last. The visiting freckle faced vq and her amazing knowledge of German vampire movies. My new unofficial gallery title, the reveur.

To my utter amazement I found myself agreeing with Ann Coulter a few days ago. “I think our party, and particularly our movement, the conservative movement, does have more of a problem with con men and charlatans than the Democratic party,” Coulter told a crowd in Florida. Nobody in the Republican Party is running for President for love of country but simply for themselves. Willard, who turned 65 a few days ago, has all the money a man could ever want but is just bored with it. Willard is running because he has nothing better to do. It seems Santorum is running for god and church, Santorum isn't running for President of the United States but to be Pope. I won't even bother with the other two.

For that matter what does the GOP stand for today? Not for voter rights, gay rights, women's rights, minority rights, or even the right to be healthy. Seems it's now not even for the Violence Against Women Act  if that violence is committed against women who happen to be in the country illegally. All I can think of that they actually stand for is the right of the wealthy to get wealthier. Maybe you can help me out with that.

Final note, In April J&J CEO William Weldon plans on retiring at the old age of 63. The value of his retirement package? $143.5 million.