Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Observations from the Window 9.7

And so Labor Day, and with it the unofficial end of summer, is past. I suppose I can say I ended it with a flourish, careening around between the Hamptons, the Village, and my mountains. It was totally a good time, spending time with Ash and seeing my brother. But it’s a strange feeling watching summer fade into fall from the perspective of the city. One of my fav things of fall was sitting in the mountains awash in every color imaginable. I have this deep fear that this fall will be dominated by grays and browns not the shades of red, orange, and yellow that I am used to. Amber and apricot, carmine and rose, but now brown and gray, I suppose I will survive this moment too.

I have been told that in some of my recent posts I have seemed to be deep in thought. I think I have said before that my life cycles seem to begin and end at this time of year. It’s a very thought provoking time of year for me, especially when change is in the air.

Sometimes I stare out the window and don’t see a thing. I stare through all the streets, the buildings, and over the bay to the foggy horizon beyond. My mind in a mysterious deep thought in which I think about everything and yet nothing at all. Life’s emotions swirl around in my mind in colors unknown to any canvas. It’s a zone very close to the way I feel when I paint but rarely do I come to any profound decisions. I just end up shaking my head and smiling to myself.

But I really have had a good run going here. A good couple of weeks topped off by an awesome Labor Day weekend in the mountains. Today I got to spend some time working at the library which is something I always enjoy for the peace and quiet. It was just another good day that got even better late in the afternoon when I received an email from my friend who is also going through some changes in her life. I won’t go into detail but it was totally awesome news. At dinner I did exactly what I told her I would and drank the biggest frosted mug of beer I could find for her. I’m just so proud of that girl.

And finally the day comes to an end. As the stars begin their late summer early fall realignment I got more good news, this from my sporting world. As I write this my beloved Phillies find themselves alone in first place for the first time since May 30th. I think that calls for another beer.

Life is indeed good right now.

30 seconds to Mars - Closer to the Edge