Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tunes 126

In which I continue my journey through the dark underbelly of music.

My sister is a big 'American Idol' fan and sometimes sends me emails giving me the highlights of the show. When I saw this vid all I could think of was a clip she sent me with Adam Lambert and Simon saying "What the hell was that?". I think if you took the worst traits of a Vegas lounge act and a pretty boy, shook them together, and pored them on the ground you would end up with Adam Lambert.

When the VJ said Lambert's debut CD was an instant classic I almost gagged on my dinner. The video itself may be stunning but my personal feeling is that the song is just another piece of pop fluff crap that will forgotten in a year or two as the next batch of American Idol winners hits the streets. Or maybe it is just a poor Fall Out Boy ripoff.

"So hot out the box, Can we pick up the pace, Turn it up, heat it up, I need to be entertained ...."

Funny thing was I still felt that way after I heard his tune.

For Your Entertainment

Question, Have you ever been to a bar/restaurant that had baskets of fortune cookies on the tables ??

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