Sunday, February 28, 2010

Observations from the Bar

Yes I am a hockey fan.
The Olympic Gold medal game. Canada vs. USA ....

First Period
Just minutes into the first period and I need a drink. This sure as hell isn’t that oh so purty euro-hockey.
Penalty! BS!! Is this a PG rated blog?
A cheap shot to the head ends the first period. Canadian team is full of lowly scoundrels.
Canada 1 – USA 0

Second Period
Second starts off with a Danica Patrick ‘Go Daddy’ commercial. There are worse ways to start.
Another penalty and I’m starting to get a bit worried, a bad feeling in my gut. I order another drink.
Our power play sucks big time.
YES! Goal USA !!
Text from my brother ‘o thank god’. Yes thank god.
Canada 2 – USA 1

Third Period
Shot after shot fired at the Canadian goal but he stops everything.
I can’t take this and order a pitcher. As time drains away with my beer I start to feel resigned.
Two minutes left in the game and the US goalie is pulled. Game is all but over my friends.
Twenty seconds left and the US scores !! I spit beer.
We go to overtime.
Canada 2 – USA 2

Between periods NBC’s Jeremy Roenick (an ex-Flyer) gets close to the emotional state of meltdown. Through a choked voice Roenick said 'Someone tonight is going to be a national hero.' Followed by 'I’m going to cry. I can’t believe this is happening.' I sit with my mouth hanging open.

OMG I can’t hear what is going on.
I have no idea if this is sudden death or not. Four on four sudden death I am informed.
Over 60 shots in the game so far and only 4 goals have been scored.
Up and down the ice.
Sydney Crosby, a damn Pittsburgh Penguin, scores 8 minutes into ot. Canada wins.
I’m spent.
Canada 3 – USA 2

Medals are awarded after the game, tears shed, silver for USA, O Canada is played. This kind of sucks but yet it doesn’t.
Even in the loss US goalie Ryan Miller is named MVP of the Olympic Tournament. Canada has now won Olympic gold in ice hockey 8 times. The USA has been second to them 6 of those times.

I have been an ice hockey fan all my life. Blame my dad for that. I guess he wanted a son but had to wait a couple more years for that. He took me to my first Hershey Bears minor league game when I was four or five and I have been a fan of the sport ever since.

This may have been the best ice hockey game I ever saw.