Monday, February 1, 2010

Plurk goes to the Grammys

Just a random sampling of the insanity that is plurk. All names have been removed to protect the innocent ....

"Attention Plurk. The Grammys are not on here yet.

Reading freaky fanfics and waiting for the Grammys to start.

in my perfect world: tonight Lady Gaga steals the mic from Kanye to avenge Taylor Swift...just a prediction for the Grammys

who in the heck are all these new artists of the year?

Pink on the Grammys: "Cirque du *get* laid!"

one thing about the grammies. i keep feeling too young or too old. wtf ?

OMFG! Celine Dion, Smokey Robinson, Usher, Jennifer Hudson and Carrie Underwood with da late Michael Jackson-Earth Song in 3D

Funny what you find out about people by what they plurk about The Grammys.

Dang !!! Quentin Tarantino Is just awesome acting a Hip Hop/Rap White Boy grammys

the Grammys were interesting, and that's all I'm gonna plurk about it. lol

almost time for the grammys again XD

Good morning! I enjoyed the Grammys last night. What did you think?"

Yes some may call it a waste of time but i like to think of it as, well, as always the urban dictionary may say it best.
'The only way to talk in the third person without sounding like a douche'


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