Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Observations from the Window 3.31

Sometimes, a warm bath is just so much better than a hot shower. The vendor dude across the street waves to me but still has no sunscreen so I need to talk to him.

Did you know I have the best brother a gurl could ever ask for? And Corona without lime is like pancakes without syrup or sex without an orgasm.

Sometimes my iTunes will play songs so out there that I wonder if I was drunk, hi, or a combination of both when I downloaded them.

Sometimes I suddenly miss my mom for no apparent reason.

Did you know that in the 1950s the US government did LSD experiments on artists to observe the effects of the drug? Seriously, they gave artists drugs and told them to draw. I would have never thought of that one.

Did you know the Mona Lisa once hung in Napoleon's bedroom? And it is totally smaller than you think, only 2’6’’ by 1’9’’.

Sometimes I have the strangest dreams and some times I have unbelievably sexy ones. I’m not going to say which I prefer. Also I can be a total bitch or a little kitten. Guess which side of me people usually see?

Freddy Mercury died for our sins.

Such is the insanity of my mind.

tuneage, The Killers - Bones


  1. whaaaat ?? 'Such is the insanity of my mind', you should know that by now ;-)