Friday, March 12, 2010

Observations from the Window

Just some random thoughts and than at the end, in honor of Keith Olbermann, a special thought for the state of Mississippi.

After a couple of warm days that had thoughts of spring running rampant I look out onto an exceedingly dreary street. It’s cold, wet, rainy, damp, or bleak. Take your pick. Still no sunscreen vendor on the street and now none needed. Normally I take mostly b&w photos but I have a sudden urge to take color pics of this b&w world. Than again they would probably look the same.

Last night the bartender I work with told me I’m not the ‘chattiest person under the sun’. This is something new? I think I'll have a button made that says ‘will chat for tips’.

A response to Sam Tannenhaus’s essay, in the New York Times Book Review, on the depiction of violent women in the arts, “Art imitates nature, but few artists observe like scientists. Especially in the United States, art is dominated by political correctness, which turns a blind eye to realities that aren’t supposed to exist. Both men and women are Homo sapiens, dangerous animals indeed.”

Now for Mississippi ….

It seems Mississippi needs a minority to hate and it doesn’t care who it is. Cute lesbian high schoolers are next up. Rather than let a student attend the prom with here girlfriend the Itawamba Agricultural High School canceled the prom. The school district's bureaucratic non-excuse for the cancellation is that it's ‘due to the distractions to the educational process caused by recent events.’ I guess they are just afraid to state the obvious, ‘we scared of the gehs!’

And in Copiah County, Mississippi a 17 year old high school student was denied a spot in her yearbook because she wore a tuxedo in her picture. She happens to be a lesbian but also a straight A student, goalie on the school soccer team, and a leader of Students Against Destructive Decisions. But damnit she is a cross dresser!

I have some choice things I could say but, being the calm mellow understanding sensible lesbian, Ill just leave it with Mississippi yawl suck!

On the lighter side I found this comment reading a blog post about the prom. ‘Why do heterosexuals have to "announce" their sexuality? They do so by holding hands in public or kissing each other. How DARE they do that where my gay child might see that and think it's normal?! Who do they think they are, flaunting their affection for one another for all to see. My gosh, it's horrible.”

I just have to smile sometimes



  1. "Ill just leave it with Mississippi yawl suck!"
    lol - brilliant - I would laugh if I didn't want to either cry or hit someone - these poor kids....

  2. thank you !

    seems the aclu is involved in both cases now. i dont know if thats a good thing or not. i mean they are just kids ....