Monday, May 31, 2010

Observations from the Roof 5.31

Memorial Day began, or Sunday night ended, with Ash on the roof smoking cigarettes and watching the sun rise above the rooftops and the last of the Corona chilled and lonely in a bucket of melting ice. A solitary pretzel vendor moving up the empty street with his cart decorated with tiny American flags.

It’s the beginning of the end of one of those strange periods of life. Those times you look back at later and just have to smile. A weekend of bartending, little sleep, and crawling into bed well after sunrise only to get up so few hours later. A Sunday dawn found us at Battery Park with the Statue of Liberty in front, the sun rising over the narrows, and the ships of ‘Fleet Week’ up the river to our right. I sat with my friends shivering in a tank top, yet drinking a cold beer, as the breeze came off the harbor. I was told this was a very good romantic vamp movie moment. I still have to smile thinking about that one.

Bartending in the middle of Fleet Week, which ends Tuesday, the club filled with sailors on leave and with money burning holes in the pockets. And how many times *can* a gay girl get hit on by guys? A bet made between Kirby and I to see who got hit on the most. Sadly I lost track and ended up buying breakfast.

Hot humid air give the city a feel of an early summer night. The sailors, dressed top to toe in bright white uniforms, couldn’t be more different from the people they mingle with. Actually rumor has it the pregnancy rate rises dramatically during Fleet Week. I have no idea myself nor was I going to find out. Also I was informed I should be riding a Harley, whether alone or hanging on to some hot biker babe I wasn’t told. Another smile.

More than one time this weekend I found myself alone with one friend or another sharing a special moment. Drinking beer, thinking, or chatting about nothing particular. Some of those moments that makes a life worth living. Three days that went by in such a blur I have to sit back and think about them and enjoy them all over again.

Now if my Flyers could win tonight, well, life is good but it could get even better.

tuneage, Skillet - Monster


  1. meh so the flyers lost again :(

    strangely i downloaded the skillet album (from vid) and find the genre is 'christian rock', now that just fascinates me

  2. don't look so hot, the guys wont hit on you then :-p :-D hahahah (oh yes, runs like mad...)

  3. always running but one day i'll catch you :p