Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Observations from the Window 5.12

Twenty plus years of what some would call bad habits. The loner, the dark girl in the corner of the room at the party, the girl in the booth alone in the back of the bar, the anti-social one taking it all in. But I never felt like an outcast, not until now. And why you ask? Simple because I spread hummus on my bagel in the morning as I did not know there was a ‘bagel bible’ and now I feel shame. But that goes a long way in explaining why there are twenty flavors of crème cheese at the bagelry and not one of hummus. I'll try to be better.

I started running again a couple days ago. I had no idea where to run because I just like to run out the door and be off. I don’t want to have to take a bus or subway up to the park and than run. So I ran up around NYU which wasn’t a bad idea at all as you have to love the scenery up there. But I found out yesterday morning that if you are going to run around NYU don’t wear PSU field hockey sweats. It seems to be frowned upon. Than again I could always replace the number on my chest with a gesture of some kind. Something that anybody would understand.

And you have to love people in this city. Where else can you overhear some conversations? Like the twenty something goth girl talking to the forty something lawyer type, both drunk, discussing the best place to get a cab home at 6 in the evening. I should have listened closer to that one. Or the tourists asking where they can get their fake Chanel or Dior handbags. You know, the ones with the tags that say Channel and fall off ten minutes after you get home. Hey just buy them online like everybody else does now.

And finally, how did people live before the cell phone? How did I live before my Droid? It seems I’m constantly talking and texting now, staying connected to Court, my sister, and friends. I’ll be sitting watching the Flyer’s game tonight enjoying my brother’s one word commentaries as much as the game. You haven’t lived until you get ‘what the fuck was that’ on your phone. But sorry Ash, I refuse to go bluetooth like you. I may be a pseudo geek but this half of the tall dark team refuses to look the part.

Sadly it had to happen sooner or later ….

tuneage, Lady Gaga - Bad Romance

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