Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Observations from the Shore 6.23

And so the VQs arrived at the shore yesterday. It seems Ash apparently packed for two weeks and any possible weather. One does never know when one will get the call for a wine and cheese party. She seems to be enjoying it though. How do I know? The first sure sign is that she turned off her omnipresent cell phone.

But honestly it’s cool having my girls here and be able to show off my little hideaway, normally I like spending this shore time alone. It is a totally sweet sight to see them stand on the deck sipping beers.

Than again I smile a lot when I think of them. So different in looks, but both gorgeous in their own ways, and personalities. Ash is the hyper one while Chloe is more laid back. One has a fine arts degree and the other a degree in theatre, which alone should send up warning signs. But it works for them and works most awesomely.

Other than for my severely depleted beer stock the first day went rather well. But their differences quickly became apparent during our first trip into town. The Oceans Gallery is a cool little gallery off the main intersection, just up from the all important Fred’s Tavern. Until she was finished there Ash not only met the owners but had a cell number too. Meanwhile Chloe shopped in funky jewelry stops and picked up a pile of Fred’s t-shirts.

I won’t pretend I know anything about love and relationships, it’s just not my area of expertise, but I know what I see. I see two women who are strong, each sure of themselves in their own way, and very happy together.

The VQs have been a couple for over four years now and sometimes I am in awe of how close they are. One time Ash and I were on the roof pondering life and I asked her what the attraction was. What was it that held them together in the crazy world that is the Village? She told me it was simple. Chloe lets her be herself, makes her happy, and brings her peace.


Paper Tongues - Trinity

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