Saturday, September 18, 2010

Observations from Paternoville 9.18

Probably a little bit of inner idiocy on my part, because in a bit more than a day ill have spent eight hours on the road only to find myself at work at the gallery, but I made a solo run out to Penn State for the game today. It was a last minute thing because my brother called and said he had a ticket if I wanted it and I have never been one to turn down a free ticket to most anything. It was a gorgeous top down run across the interstate, so cool I needed a sweatshirt under my leather jacket, but my hair was a knotty mess when I pulled into the parking lot. Than again I was told I looked like I had spent the night in Paternoville so it was all kewl.

Paternoville. I have only spent one night in Paternoville, to many years ago. On the other hand my brother spent almost a week there once before a big Ohio State game a couple years ago. So what is the point? To start you get first crack at the student section seats in Beaver Stadium. The student section holds 20,000 seats but it is first come first served so if you want to be down near the field Paternoville is the best place to start. Plus it’s one hell of a party, but I wouldn’t know about that, just something I have been told. And JoePa himself has been known to stop by and bring food with him too!

I have to admit that as much as I debate where my home is this place seems more like it than any other. I moved away after spending most of ten years here but it just seems to keep pulling me back. It’s as if it owns a part of my soul. My dad made me a sports fan but PSU turned me into a fanatic. You can’t imagine a Penn State football game until you have been to one. Over a hundred thousand people cramming the stadium, the 83 year old JoePa back on the sidelines, the atmosphere just grabs you and won’t let go. Paterno first joined the PSU coaching staff as an assistant in 1950, 60 years ago. Since than the team record is 500-178-7, today was number 500.

I finished the day checking out the women’s volleyball team in Rec Hall. And yes, damnit, I watched the game. The volleyball team has won three consecutive national titles and was undefeated in all three years. The women’s soccer team has won eleven consecutive Big Ten titles. Altogether Penn State teams have won 37 NCAA national championships. And now everything is in place to add Div I men’s and women’s ice hockey. It’s my effing sports heaven is what it is.

But in the morning I will climb into Foxy and drive away yet again.

Sometimes I just wonder.

John Mayer - Waiting On The World To Change

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  1. ps - i know there hasn't been much good political posting lately but I'm just totally disillusioned by it all. i would just be venting like all fuck so i have been staying away from it. i don't expect this trend to last too long :)