Monday, December 20, 2010

Thirty Days of Truths, Day 27

The best thing I have going for me now ....

I thought I was going to have to think hard on this one but it was actually an easy one. The thing I have going for me now is probably the thing I have always had going for me. I might be the luckiest woman, no, the luckiest person alive. I already know what you are thinking, at best luck is just a word to explain some random happening or at worst just a superstition. But if I am going to believe in karma and fate why shouldn't I believe in luck too?

Hell I had to be lucky just to survive days 3, 8, 20, and 26 in this blogject. But it's way more than just that. I know I have had some low spots in my life but I seem to have this resiliency that let me bounce back every time and I know exactly where that resiliency comes from.

Other than two glaring instances I have always been lucky enough to be surrounded by some amazing and supportive people. They have helped me to always make the right choices, again other than a couple times when I failed miserably. I was born with such supportive parents who were always there when I needed them to be. Profs at Penn State, friends from there, and friends from the Village were and are just as supportive in their own ways. In second life I have met some truly unique and amazing people and found a muse and inspiration.

All these people have one thing in common. They seem to see something in me that I don't see in myself and try and pull it out of me whether I like it or not. Sometimes it goes well and sometimes it doesn't but I have yet to find somebody I truly call a friend that has given up on me. Maybe it is something else entirely but I like to think of it as luck and I think I am very lucky to know any of them.

So yes I'm going with luck, until somebody proves me wrong.

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