Friday, September 16, 2011

Observations from the Window 9.16

After that last post I figured this blog needed a little comedy releif. Stephen Colbert asks Al Gore if he will endorse former Democrat Rick Perry for President as Perry endorsed Gore in 1988. He also challenges him to choose between Galileo or Global Warming. I'm a big fan of both Colbert and Gore so I totally enjoyed this.


Phillies update - After beating the Florida Marlins twice yesterday the Phillies record stands at 97 wins and 51 losses. Their magic number to clinch the National League East is to and they can lock it up later today with a win over St. Louis and an Atlanta loss to the hated Mets. I guess I actually have to cheer for a New York team tonight. Also the Phils magic number for home field throughout the playoffs is 3.

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