Thursday, October 13, 2011

Observations from the Edge 10.13

This short film is a little overboard in its fervor but it does contain some awesome clips and it is rather well made. I especially like the scene at 5:30 where the protester thanks the police for "participating in our media publicity campaign." The comment I added below the video was posted on YouTube by the person who posted the video. It gives a better explanation of the vid. Also the powers that be have deemed it should be age restricted so I have no idea how that effects the embed, there is a link below.

“Hypocrisy has its own elegant symmetry.”
 Julie Metz


"I appreciate your thoughts, just wanna be sure all is clear with the video. It is NOT a comparison, rather a WARNING that if the police keep repressing people's rights, America COULD turn into Egypt. If the police arrest the War Vets who risked their lives to protect the police, how long can you Americans stand for this?! It is their blood that makes USA possible. All americans should agree and demand a? stop to arrests now. The First amendment trumps local ordinances."

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