Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Observations from the Coffee Shop 1.24

For better or worse Fridays always seem to be something special. The date or the moon can make them even more so but no matter what Fridays definitely are different.

Last Friday morning I was sketching/thinking on a notepad as I usually do at breakfast. Now Ash seems to have a more thinking artsie type of mind than I do, yes scary, more analytical where I tend to be theoretical. Anyway, out of nowhere she told me to write down whatever word popped into my head. Not necessarily from our conversation, just whatever word was on my mind. Than she told me to do it all day long.

For what it's worth here is my list of words. I didn't quite make it through the whole day because I knew I would post the list here and I could see where it was heading.

waffles, ugh, coffee, euros, Euros, effing euros, étrange, des conneries, putain, weather, speed, sushi, bold, ignorant, skittles, indigo, sapphire, newt, toad, asshat, miley, NOH8, trend, ignorance, tolerate, cubist, impressionist, crap, queer, abstract, blue, tension, sopa, 1Q84, style, stoner, Cuba, loathe, vq, hipster, ice, word, indulgent, silk, black, Corona, crayons, yakuza, tattoo, ninja sex ….

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