Monday, April 2, 2012

Observations from the Edge 4.2

Not to repeat myself but I have been saying for some time that it would be an interesting year. Anonymous joins the May Day protest.

The fine folks at American Thinker would like to warn you that Occupy Wall Street is inciting violence on communism's, yes they said communism's, favorite holiday. "Our federal government stands by silent, as forces such as OWS and the New Black Panthers openly encourage vigilante justice, riots, insurrection, and obstruction of elections. Barack Obama has a lot to answer for, but the encouragement provided to OWS and the NBP, not to mention SEIU, in lawless intimidation will  be remembered by history as an attack on civil society and law and order."

For a round of sick entertainment I would suggest you browse the comments to the above link. The following one is my personal fav. "Therefore, as you go into the voting booth, just think of what OWS has given America: Democrat rapes, Democrat murders, Democrat drug dealing, Democrat vandalism, Democrat anarchy, Democrat public defecation, Democrat rat infestations, Democrat public masturbation, Democrat hate, Democrat racism, Democrat flash mobs… do voters really want that sort of country?"

Hide the children, the drug dealing rats are defecating in public! The person, I awesome it's a person, who wrote that comment has no profile but has managed to post 233 comments to American Thinker.

And some dare argue against birth control.


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