Friday, April 20, 2012

Observations from the Window 4.20

"I apologize but we seem to be having technical difficulties here
 at the empire, be back shortly."

I really should make some kind of button that says that because lately that is the story of my life. For a variety of reasons I have just been having all kinds of probs with the interwebs for a couple weeks now. As always insanity rules.

Last Friday night I was watching the Flyers' playoff game and tweeting about it when suddenly TweetDeck cut me off. It gave me some bogus error message that said I was tweeting over limits. Now there is a limit but it's in the thousands so I have no idea where the error came from. I just switched to a diff platform and went back to tweeting my inner most thoughts with minor irritation.

Than there is Tumblr. I probably enjoy Tumblr more than anything else because the combined four sites have become my pseudo gallery with me as the curator. I usually queue the posts the night before, spending way too much time picking and sorting the photos and quotes to appear just the way I want them. This worked just fine for the longest time but now, if I queue the day before, Tumblr sees it in my best interests to post randomly in the appointed time frame. This is more of a major irritation. I  mean what curator wants the movers to bring in works of art and randomly hang them on the walls?

The totally worst is Yahoo. There are all kinds of rumors out there but one thing that is a fact is that Yahoo reorganized recently and cut back heavily personnel wise. As far as I'm concerned it's starting to take a toll because Yahoo Mail is driving me insane. My Droid app loses mail or doesn't send it, I have to type in one of those anti-bot codes a few times a day, and yesterday morning Yahoo totally cut me off for suspicious activity. The only suspicious thing I see is that I stick with them and don't totally move to gmail. Maybe Yahoo should spend more time and money on their lawsuit against Facebook because the legal department seems to be the only one hiring.

I take my empire way too seriously.

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