Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Observations from the Window 5.29

Sometimes when you aren't in the best frame of mind it takes something maybe petty, vain, or hell just plain worthless to get your brain back. Okay maybe it's just me this works for but I had these two little things happen over the weekend that made me smile just because they did.

One was just a simple retweet on twitter Sunday, but not just any retweet. It was just a link to an article in The New York Times, Portraits of War: Joe Bonham Project Illustrates the Wounds of War. What made the retweet special wasn't that it happened, it happens every day. What made it special was who in fact did it. It was retweeted by Jim Roberts, since 2008 Assistant Managing Editor of The New York Times.

The other thing may be petty or vain or maybe both. I was showing a good friend of the family my photos on Flickr and my ramblings in this blog when she said Kaycee Nighttfire was just a fabulous name and she thought I should change mine. I like Katie so there is no way in hell I ever would, still it was kewl.

I'm not sure if I ever said how I came up with the name so for the record here it is. When you join a certain online community you first have to pick a name. You can make your own first name but have to select from a list of last names. The list is much longer now but at the time I joined Nightfire just jumped out at me, it fit. Kaycee is rather easy to figure out, it's my real name initials, KC.

I almost forgot, Klout now says I am now influential on the topic of the NHL. My work here is nearly complete.

And so it goes.

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