Sunday, June 17, 2012

Observations on Art 6.17

Sometimes I must be behind the curve  little, or I depend on Court too much to send me films, but I stumbled on this awesome film a few days ago. It's especially awesome if you have ever spent any time at all
in a virtual word. "World Builder" was the winner of the KC Filmmakers Jubilee and the Indianapolis International Film Festival. It also
finished in the top 10 of the Seattle International Film Festival and the Indy Shorts Fest.

World Builder from BranitVFX on Vimeo.

"A strange man builds a world using holographic tools for
the woman he loves.
This award winning short was created by filmmaker Bruce Branit, widely known as the co-creator of '405'. World Builder was shot in a single day followed by about 2 years of post production. Branit is the owner of Branit VFX based in Kansas City."

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