Monday, June 11, 2012

Observations on Sports 6.11

Tonight at 8 game 6 of the Stanley Cup Finals will be played in Los Angeles. Unbelievably, after taking an almost unbeaten record into the finals and having a three games to none lead in the series, the Flyers West (aka the Kings) have lost two games in a row.  If the Devils keep playing the way they did in game 5 they could still find themselves hoisting Lord Stanley's cup over their heads.

While good players Simon Gagne, Mike Richards, and Jeff Carter were never the toughest of Flyers. This was probably a contributing factor in all of them being traded. That and their inability to lead the Flyers to the promised land. In game 5 by luck or design the Devils used this weakness to beat the Kings both on the scoreboard and physically.

The Kings went into game 5, which was played at New Jersey,  with a 10-0 road record in the playoffs. They had outscored their opponents
35-15 during those ten games but when the game ended the Devils had won 2-1. ESPN anchor Cindy Brunson said it all when she tweeted with the hashtag ....


6/12 update - So what do I know? The Kings won last night's game by a score of 6-1 as the veteran Devils seemed to lose all their composure and gave the Kings one major power play after another. Mike Richards and Jeff Carter are now Stanley Cup champions. Can you believe an 8th seed won it all? A Los Angeles hockey team?

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