Friday, July 27, 2012

Observations from the Couch 7.27

I have a confession to make. I know this is going to be hard to believe but every four years I become even more of a sports geek than I normally am. Yes I am watching the Olympic Opening Ceremony which means I'm going to be watching some sports I barely acknowledge at any other time. I love watching gymnastics and diving but I honestly wont do it unless it's the Olympics. Still I'll only go so far and I can find better things to do than watch badminton, archery, or that infamous sport of synchronized swimming. Than there is equestrian, something otherwise known as Willard's favorite tax deduction. To me the horses do all the work and it doesn't belong in the Olympic games any more than auto or thoroughbred racing.

My favorites to watch are probably pretty obvious to anyone that knows me. Soccer, field hockey, beach volleyball, basketball, and volleyball. I guess I'm more of a team sports fan than anything else but I'll be watching anything I can find at any given time. To be honest if I wake up at 4AM tomorrow I'm already planning to turn on the women's beach volleyball match which just happens to be an important one between teams from Russia and China, both perennial beach volleyball powers.

If you are into the Olympics you totally have to watch the opening ceremonies because there are always some stories to be found. The flag bearer for Bolivia almost drowned when she was nine years old. Her parents forced her to take swimming lessons and here she is ten years later, an Olympic swimmer. Also I noticed that it must be the year of the fencer because both the American and French flag bearers were female fencers and both were kinda cute. However neither won my best flag bearer award because that goes to the Russian Federation's reigning Wimbledon Champion and all around tall girl Maria Sharapova. Saudi women marching and competing for the first time was another highlight, even if NBC chose not to show them.

Finally a bit of Olympic history for you. For the first time ever the United States Olympic Team is composed of more women than men.
Way to go girls.

Enjoy the games.

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