Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Observations from the Window 7.17

Sitting her it just looks hot outside my window. Checking the weather I see the city is under a heat advisory until tomorrow night but it's a
balmy 60° in Paris. I can't say I mind the thought of weather that cool but it's playing havoc with my packing plans.

Thought I would try and finish one of the posts I have started already, maybe clean up a bit. I have one about driving between the Village and State College. A 'war on women' one I started months ago but is seems so dated now I should just delete it. Way too many thoughts, ideas, and scribbles on sheets of tablet paper in a basket next to my comp plus the Droid notes that never leave me. I probably have started and deleted more posts than I have actually posted.

I am always thinking of art related things to write about but I never get around to writing any of them. I love talking about art and sometimes I still wonder if I would have enjoyed staying at PSU and teaching. But that is a decision that's been made and I don't dwell on it, I just wonder.

So instead of finishing something or writing one of my ideas I wrote this. Sometimes I'm just weird.

Stay cool.

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