Friday, August 24, 2012

Observations from le Voyage 8.24

I'm sitting in a cafe just off the Luxembourg Gardens, eating breakfast, pondering what to do with my last 48 hours in Paris. Funny how fast a week can go by. I've been to the Louvre, Montmartre where Christopher Moore's novel Sacre Bleu takes place, walked till my feet are sore, worked some, met some fun people, and did enough shopping to fill that empty bag I brought along. I went to the Père Lachaise Cemetery yesterday and unlike most I didn't visit Jim Morrison's grave but stopped by Oscar Wilde's which was a strange, surreal, moment. It was one of those times where you feel like you had been there before even though you know you hadn't.

Still its been just been a taste, a taste that makes me want to be here even more. I thought I would write much more while I was here but haven't taken the time. I have tons of notes so I'm sure more will follow and I've taken hundreds of photos but looked at so few, posted some I liked on flickr. I'm sure once I'm back in the Village I'll be posting more both here and there unless politics gets in the way.

But for now it's time to keep moving.

Just keep moving.

afternoon update - So I guess I was getting just a little sad about the week nearing its end but something snapped me out of it quick. I decided to take a walk because shouldn't a girl visiting Paris be able to say she took a walk on the Left Bank and saw the Eiffel Tower? But that sight isn't what did it. About halfway to the Eiffel I looked up and saw something that all but bought tears to my eyes, the Sennelier store, which just happens to be celebrating its 125th anniversary. About $200 in paints and shipping later I was in an awesome mood. 

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