Monday, November 26, 2012

Observations from the Gallery 11.26

I love my Kindle even though I'm using it for something I hadn't really planned on using it for, reading. I have a button attached to Google Chrome that with a click will send any article I can read online to my Kindle, "Send To Kindle for Chrome". With the HD no glare screen it's much better to read on than my laptop and oh so much easier on the eyes than phone reading. Totally worth the investment and worth waiting for the HD models to arrive.

The following paragraph is just a minor geek vent. Somebody recently accused me of setting my tumblrs to private. For the record no I haven't made them private and no it's not something I ever really considered. What would be the sense of having them if I didn't want anybody to see them? Also the links to are right there on this blog's sidebar so I ask again, what would be the sense of making them private? Honestly if this blog got as many hits as my tumblrs I would be a rich girl. But enough about that.

Something else I have found so very interesting is how many people have discovered VPN (virtual private network) software since the whole Petraeus email mess. Suddenly everybody wants to be anonymous and they don't think other people realize that their emails aren't originating in Russia. To be fair I should say that I have been using one program or another for years but it's funny seeing the pizza delivery guy using one. I'm thinking maybe I should just give up art and go into the security business or maybe, even better, art security.

This short geek post is actually a bit of history in the making. This is my first blog post written and posted entirely by Kindle. Technology is a wonderful thing, until it's not.


  1. "oh so much easier on the eyes than phone reading," oh man, I read whole novels on my phone, especially when I can't sleep! So, does this VPN thing mean that all my blog views originating from Russia are actually you? это обман [that's cheating! :P ]

    I have a few things posted with passwords, but that's because there are other people involved in my story and I don't want them to get hurt. I want to know that the people reading it aren't maliciously intentioned, if that means having people sign up for the password I don't think that's so bad.

    I think it's odd that people would get upset if your tumblrs were set to private. Those are your thoughts, your images, your whatever, so if you post at all it's your decision, your intellectual property which no one else has "rights" to access. I, for one, am glad you blog. Who else would keep me so informed and yet also entertained? :)

    1. lol, Good try but no mine don't come from Russia. Did you know if you use a European ISP you can watch totally diff movies on Netlix? Just a thought ....

      Well the thing is they aren't set to private which is what bugs me. It's one thing if I wanted them to be but don't tell me they are when they aren't. Sorry, I get pissy arrogant sometimes.

      I'm entertaining? I suppose that's a good thing to be ....

  2. I did not know that, but I am very intrigued by the possibilities. I know they're not set to private, it's the principle of the thing, and if you're pissy arrogant it doesn't read that way :)