Thursday, December 13, 2012

Observations from the Window 12.13

Last night was the 121212 Concert for Sandy and it wasn't bad. I'm quite sure my dad enjoyed it much more than I did, he told me so. I grew up listening to that music with my dad and so much of it really is timeless. Clapton, Pink Floyd in everything but name, and the Stones will always be the Stones even if they look like they escaped from a wax museum for the night. One thing I didn't need to see was Roger Daltrey's almost seventy year old bare chest. Really I was never a fan of The Who and that sight didn't change my opinion in the least. My thought is the concert could have used some younger performers and less Kanye West, but that's just me, it raised $30 million in just ticket sales.

But I didn't set out to write a concert review here. As always I have something else on my mind.

While we were watching I had my eye on twitter even though I had told myself I wasn't going to tweet the night away and just retweeted phone numbers and the like. Still I can't stop myself from looking and as the night went on one segment of humanity slowly began to irritate me. I did a good job of keeping my thoughts to myself, until now.

Occupy Sandy and Occupy Sandy New Jersey have done a lot of good since the storm and I don't want to take away from that at all. They have done such a good job that a one point FEMA actually shipped supplies to them to distribute. To their credit they stayed away from ideology last night, just thanked those that had donated to OS, and said where to be today if you really wanted to help. I can't say the same for some members of Occupy or the 'official' Occupy twitter account. I should add I have no idea who runs that account now or how many have access to it.

To me when the recovery costs are in the hundreds of billions of dollars it doesn't much matter where the money comes from. There is no right or wrong way to help, just helping is what matters. Yes people are needed in the neighborhoods to 'hands on' help but that doesn't make those people any better than corporations or celebrities that donate money, supplies, or just their time and name to the cause. All those supplies Occupy handed out were paid for by somebody, they didn't just magically appear in Brooklyn. You could say that Chase donating is all a PR stunt, or as Occupy calls it "disaster capitalism," and you might be right. So be it. Somebody who likes Chase will like them whether or not they give and I doubt their giving will make anybody think better of them. Personally I would take the money from the devil herself if I had to so if they want to donate I have no problem with it. It's less they have to hand out in bonuses this year.

To publicly say that Chelsea Clinton should rip down mildewed drywall if she really wanted to help does absolutely nothing for anybody. It all just smells of the holier than thou sanctimonious attitude I hate about the far right and that's turning into a major problem with politics in this country. Until people accept the fact that we are all in it together, that neither side is totally right about everything, we are just screwed. I don't see that happening any time soon.

I'll finish with a tweet from someone I have since stopped following, "Charity is a bullshit illusion. It has to be said."

No it didn't.


  1. 12.12.12 I had a guitar lesson, so I got to play and teach someone else. It was a lovely moment in my day and funny because the 121212 concert was that night, but I didn't get to see it because I was working.

    You don't love the sanctimonious attitude? Honestly, why should it matter why people are helping as long as they are? You're right, I don't think people pay enough attention for it to make a difference in their customer base, especially on a national level.

    1. Well it wasn't really coming from Occupy Sandy itself which has done a lot of good things. I think more was coming from some of the hard core occupy people who are a bit lost right now. Problem is they are the one who ruined it in the first place because some are just as radical on the left as the wingnuts are on the right.

      Hey if somebody wants to donate a few truck loads of water to look good, take the water!!