Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sunday Observations 12.2

I had a busy day and never got around to my Sunday observations but watching the Eagles game I just saw something I had to share. First the Eagles are terrible but are beating the Cowboys at halftime which is reason enough to watch. Any year that they beat the Cowboys isn't a total loss. Still my highlight of the game is going to be this Lenovo Yoga commercial. Not only is it a hot ad for obvious reasons, the jacket, but it has a directors cut. Really, a TV commercial with a directors cut. Soon it will be a full length short on blu-ray.


While I'm in geek mode I should also mention iTunes again. For some reason I have been having problems with iTunes for a few months now. It's been slow to load and a total memory whore. Normally I don't update it as fast as I do other things because the updates don't usually concern me but this morning I updated to a totally new version (11) as soon as I got the notice. If you are having any problems with iTunes you should too. It's sleeker and has some new features but more importantly it took care of all the problems I was having.

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