Wednesday, June 26, 2013


In memory of those who died forty years ago in the UpStairs Lounge fire I described yesterday.

Duane George Mitchell had escaped to the roof with a group led by bartender Douglas Rasmussen. He ran back into the burning building trying to save his partner, Louis Horace Broussard. Their bodies were discovered lying together. Also Adam Roland Fontenot who was survived by his partner, bartender Douglas Rasmussen.

Mrs. Willie Inez Warren died in the hospital two weeks later from burns suffered in the fire. Her two sons died inside the bar, Eddie Hosea Warren and James Curtis Warren.

Luther Boggs, a teacher who died two weeks later and who was notified in the hospital that he had been fired.

Rev. William R. Larson, a former Methodist minister.
Dr. Perry Lane Waters
Douglas Maxwell Williams
Leon Richard Maples
George Steven Matyi
Larry Stratton
Reginald Adams Jr.
James Walls Hambrick
Horace Getchell
Joseph Henry Adams
Herbert Dean Cooley
David Stuart Gary
Guy Anderson
Donald Walter Dunbar
John Thomas Golding
Gerald Hoyt Gordon
Kenneth Paul Harrington
Glenn Richard Green
Robert Lumpkin
Ferris LeBlanc

Three bodies were never identified.

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