Saturday, August 3, 2013

Observations on Art 8.3

Court is always fond of saying a good short film doesn't need a soundtrack or narration, it tells its story with no sound at all. That is the case with this short bio of Danish artist, designer, and self proclaimed "creative madman" Dennis Seide.

The film is by Mads Jeppesen and I found it while trying to find out if Jeppesen every finished his documentary on New York's underground art called Somewhere In The Dark. The concept trailer of that film is also below. As far as I can tell Somewhere In The Dark was never finished as he only raised $600 on indiegogo and the trail seems to have stopped at the end of 2012. Too bad.

Dennis Seide - No refund from Mads Jeppesen on Vimeo.
Filmed, edited and directed by: Mads Jeppesen.
Vocal mix: Jens Sejersen
Produced by: Mifune Film

Somewhere in The Dark - Concept trailer
from Mads Jeppesen on Vimeo.
Directed by: Mads Jeppesen and Betty Kaye

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