Friday, January 15, 2010

The Devil and Rush Limbaugh

Pat Robertson has might have an excuse. He is just a tired and scared old man. There is no excuse for Rush Limbaugh. Even a recent hospital stay, and his newly found fear of death, didn't make him any less a jackass. Maybe he did indeed make a pact with the devil herself.

Yes Limbaugh opened his face and told people not to donate to Haitian relief. He said that you already have through your income taxes. He said, if you donated through the White House website, your name would just end up on a DNC mailing list. Guess he didn't notice the link leads directly to the American Red Cross site. So no asshole, President Obama isn't going to steal the donations. Maybe you should just crawl back into that hole you crawled out of and leave us all in peace.

Lets just hope the only people who listen to Limbaugh are the ones who waste their money on his books. I suppose that is more than enough.

I saw these two emails as responses to a Cafferty question on :

"Technology has made it so younger people are now donating. I'm 17 and I donated through texting. I would of never donated any other way because I don't know how. But I do know how to text."

"I'm going on 61 and this was the first time I texted something to something else to donate money for a cause. That has to count for something."

Also so far it's estimated Americans pledged more than $8 million via text message to the Red Cross alone.

Sometimes I am proud of us ....


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